Innovation of Data

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Business Background

Unshared Big Data

Big Data refers to a large amount of data that flows into daily business. The important thing is not the amount of data, but the utilization of the data. The use of big data is necessary to gain insights for decision-making and strategic business. Big Data requires analysis, search, visualization and management skills.

Sharing big data is recognized as a very important social infrastructure to efficiently manage and analyze big data to obtain actionable insights.

However, most of big data is accumulated by global big tech companies such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, and Oracle, and due to the data monopoly and technological exclusivity of some large companies, the practical use of big data has not been activated. The background of this project to actively share high-quality big data through blockchain economy and token economy, and provide online research service through DApp for data consumers.

Growing Big Data Market

The global big data market is growing rapidly through the reduction of big data-related technology costs, the development of software frameworks, the connection of data through hybrid and multi-cloud environments, and the integration of digital transformation in top-level strategies.


About Us

What is IOD Big Data Survey Platform?

IOD aims to share high-quality big data on the blockchain and provide fast and accurate survey results to the world through customer-tailored online research services.
We want to provide provide various types of surveys for clients, and rewards and enjoyment of participating to the respondents.


In order to provide research experts and online customized survey services, by building a new data economy consisting of data providers, consumers, and token economy based on the accumulated big data on the blockchain protocol, we will implements the following functions.

Each participant will receive a fair contribution reward according to the autonomous and democratically set rules of operation (DAO).

We want to support users on the platform in an ethical and creative way and protect the rights and interests of the participating partners, collaborators and supporters. We provide very secure and accurate survey services through superior blockchain technology.

We want to overcome systemic limitations through AI, machine learning, and IOT technologies and tools.



Blockchain technology and the elimination of intermediaries increase the transparency of the entire big data industry through decentralization.

The benefits of transparency are the basis for sharing the profits equally and fairly among big data providers, users, supporters, and sponsors.
Through the big data ecosystem, users are transformed from simple participants to central participants, and more actively contribute to the development of the IOD community. For example, they participate in surveys, voting, suggestions, social media, comments, sponsorship and word-of-mouth publicity, etc. and actively contribute to community development activities.

Fairness and Equality are guaranteed through the practice of the following:

· Everyone is guaranteed an opportunity to participate in the IOD platform.
· Assign participants a fair share of the value of their contribution.
· Exactly fulfill the promises made to users and clients.
· The system protects the interests that shall be protected by the participants through smart contracts.
· Appropriate penalties are applied for illegal, violent and inappropriate conduct.
· Protect the privacy of your data and comply with high standards and protection standards.
· Ensure that data on the blockchain is not deleted or lost.

The challenges of the

IOD platform

First, securing and accumulating big data

Second, classification of big data

Third, tightly combining cryptocurrency and token economy with the survey ecosystem

Fourth, creating a collaborative environment through big data sharing of large companies


IOD Solution

First, securing and accumulating big data
Securing data is very important for using big data. Through a technology chain that leads to IOT-AI-IOT, we secure and accumulate various big data through a complementary system. Through blockchain-based DID (Decentralized Identity), decentralized identity authentication, we can overcome the data access limitations restricted by the existing personal information protection law, and can pioneer a new area of the data economy.

Second, classification of big data
Data classification is carried out by dividing the roles of data engineers and analysts based on the data analysis goal statement. Variable candidates are searched from the data required for analysis, and finally the classification product is derived. By performing a series of processes of planning and verifying by classifying data experiment methods and procedures, we can approach the targeted data classification.

Third, tightly combining cryptocurrency and token economy with the survey ecosystem
Token economy is a monetary economy mechanism based on game theory and behavioral economics. In other words, the quality of the survey can be improved by designing a token reward plan for the contribution to the expected activities to respond to the survey and establishing a detailed behavior reinforcement plan through token compensation at an appropriate level for each type of reaction behavior in each section.

Fourth, creating a collaborative environment through big data sharing of large companies
We extract meaningful information from open data on the Internet through various data mining techniques such as social media, search extraction, and keyword analysis. When necessary, we secure data close to the target topic through collaboration with big data service companies.

Token Economy

IOD Token (‘IODT’)

IOD tokens are used throughout the survey process as the key currency of the IOD ecosystem.

IOD tokens are issued and circulated to solve the tasks adopted by the IOD and achieve the goals they are aiming for, and it is determined by the token's original value, transaction value, circulation, consumption, etc. Ultimately, it is designed to reach a certain number and maintain its value.

IOD tokens are owned by all survey participants, and as a key currency, it maintains optimized circulation and trading volume so that its fundamental value can be continuously increased or maintained.

Tokens are paid to survey participants, sponsors, and sponsors every time a survey is conducted, and the payout rates are calculated based on variables such as each survey and staking pie, volume demand, and market circulation.


Token Matrix


Coin allocation


IOD token (IODT) issuance, distribution and lockup plan
The platform token, IOD token, is called ‘IODT’ and is a utility token.
A total of 40 billion are issued and used as the key currency.
It is paid as rewards for various activities of users inside the platform and airdrops through events, and can be purchased through external exchanges.
Issuance, lock-up, and incineration are flexible in order to stabilize the actual token price. It is based on the initial issuance.

* The above information is subject to change according to the Foundation policy and the decision of the DAO.

Token Supply and Distribution
Each issued IODT is allocated according to its purpose, and the purpose and quantity of each distribution is as follows.

Ecosystem & Platform Air Drop
Ecosystem tokens provided by users’ revenue and are used as financial airdrops for marketing.

Marketing Reward & Reserve
It is reserved to the foundation as rewards and reserves to be paid through Steaking Pool.

Team, Founder, Advisor
IOD team and founder group will each have allocated tokens. The team is largely divided into business and technology parts, and includes key talents working for the platform. This includes the Founders Group and Advisors.

It is publicly allocated to raise funds for the operation of the company. A total of 3 pre-sales rounds will be held.